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PottersMuse posted a comment on Sunday 23rd November 2014 4:55am for Chapter One

Well? Where's the rest?

englishkristofer posted a comment on Sunday 24th February 2013 8:41pm for Chapter One

Awesome. Thank you for continuing to write.

mamasensei posted a comment on Monday 7th January 2013 8:34pm for Chapter One

Harry's just had the year from hell and died, and Hermione wants to spend the whole summer studying?? Poor guy! Brazil sounds much better. It sounds like Harry and Ginny are working their way back to each other. I'm not surprised to find that Harry had surprising inheritances. No one ever told him much of anything.

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 5th January 2013 2:12pm for Chapter One

I really like this story. Harry is gradually gettin used to having Ginny around and he really likes having her there. Ron is being the typical 'big brother" but he will get over it or Ginny will hex him. I'm glad Harry has plenty of money and property. A trip to Brazil sounds like a great vacation. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

Jason9 posted a comment on Saturday 5th January 2013 6:40am for Chapter One

I'm looking forward to this story more and more - Thanks for posting, and keep up the good work!

brad posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2013 6:45pm for Chapter One

Mate, I hate to be the one to tell you, but Harry/Ginny is just so yesterday! In the four years that you've been absent we've all conceded that Ginny just isn't very nice and that Harry deserved better. You'll have to rewrite your story! :)

Okay, it's *just possible* that I'm a bit hostile to little Ginny, but her suddenly popping up and being in every second sentence of these two chapters is excessive. Remember, this is the girl that Harry barely thought about in the whole year prior to the start of your story. The girl he spurned for a sandwich. (It's why we've all moved on from H/G, you understand. :)) In comparison with the actual canon your two chapters seems super-saturated with the distaff redhead.

Seriously, the super-Ginny stuff smells. She's skipping her entire seventh year! She's being offered professional quidditch roles based on a *single pickup game* of quidditch between *students*!?! She's lying to her mother! Kingsley hands *Harry's* reward of a thousand galleons to *Ginny*!?!?!! (That last quite bewildered me.)

kstchr posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2013 5:55pm for Chapter One

Sounds like they'll be going on a holiday to Brazil before too long! So did Harry reschedule the appointment with the guy from the Wills department? The letter had said he wanted to meet "today", but later it has his appointment being the next morning. Also, a couple little things: parent's vault and parent's will should be parents'; parent's owned should not have an apostrophe. I thought it was very cool the way they left him the "secret" to the obviously-fidelius protected family home, on a scrap of blank parchment! I can just imagine some efficient file clerk thinking it was just a scrap in there by mistake and throwing it away...oops!

Riegert8 posted a comment on Friday 4th January 2013 3:23pm for Chapter One

This is a very good chapter