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Gena posted a comment on Friday 19th December 2008 5:45pm

this is good i hope you update soon i wish you would update bargain too posted a comment on Monday 24th November 2008 10:12pm

Please, Please continue writing this. it is GREAT.

Carolyn Jinn posted a comment on Sunday 16th November 2008 1:16pm

This story is great and I can't wait for the next installment.

The part with Hermione reminising about her parents remembering her was wonderful.

Please don't leave it tooo long to update.

Again, Congratulations on a great storyline.

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 14th October 2008 1:18pm

Oh, one other comment I forgot:

She hesitated, a blush creeping along her cheeks. "I just... I just wanted to see what kissing Harry was like."

Ron as Harry’s face contorted into a comically ugly picture of revulsion and surprise. "Why?" he said hotly.

Hermione’s discomfort was extreme. She didn’t know how to describe her school-girl fantasy that almost every female at Hogwarts had entertained at one moment or another — at least not in a way that was easily explainable to Ron — so she went with the simple answer.


Planting some seeds for the future round of OBHWF breakups and divorces I see! Excellent. Now that you have acknowledged Hermione's hidden desire for Harry I expect a rapid fragmentation of R/Hr - the insecure canon!Ron won't let this slide - and H/Hr to quickly follow, okthankyouverymuch. :-)

Mr.Intel replied:

We won't get that far in this story, but how could Hermione *not* like Harry?   Why she chose Ron over him is anyone's guess, but JK made that particular bed quite firmly, if not all that well.

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 14th October 2008 1:13pm

Well, you got it half right. It's supposed to be Dan & *Emma* Granger ... named after the actors representing our favourite couple. At least that's the case in all the H/Hr stories I've read. :-)

Coincidentally I've only just seen the topic of Hermione's heroic memory wipe of her parents discussed just in the last day or two. The consensus was that it was too herculean a task for magic, even for Rowling's wishful-thinking variety.

I've wondered whether Hermione brainwashed her parents with or without their permission, finally deciding that it must have been without their consent ... otherwise, if they agreed to move to Australia - a lovely place, by the way! - why switch all the memories around anyway? Just to help them in their 'act'? Hmmmph.

This is the first story I've read which actually showed us the actual scene where Hermione reverses her brainwashing. Nice.

Mr.Intel replied:

I absolutely loathe the Dan and Emma garbage, so I'm glad I didn't commit that particular sin with this story.   ;-)

Hermione definitely has the brains and the demonstrated ability to learn complicated spells.   That she modified her parents memories isn't a surprise, but exactly how that was done is left a mystery.   So I went with the whole one paragraph of canon fact on the matter and this is the result.   Glad it suits you.


brad posted a comment on Tuesday 14th October 2008 12:18pm

I've always had difficulty with the various contrivances, like you've shown here, that have wizards sort-of-but-not-really flying. Why not go the whole way? First off - Rowling did, with Snape and Voldemort flying around in DH. Secondly, why not use a levitation spell on oneself? Or another spell crafted just for flying?

Wandless magic now? I was really surprised that Rowling didn't do the same when she showed Harry doing a 'lumos' spell while not holding his wand at the beginning of OotP. But she wrote a lot of things that she ignored and never used again. Your Harry is already a lot more powerful/able than the one in canon.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 9:04am

Hi Mr Intell. I really think that your name does you proud as you manage to turn out chapter after chapter of wonderful storytelling. This latest chapter is so very interesting that I know that I will end up reading and rereading it just like I do with every chapter and story that you write. I like all the authors on this site as all are magnificent so you fit in very well. The chapter is well crafted, imaginative and perfectely executed. I am very eager for another chapter or two. Thank you for such marvelous stories. Carol

Carol Layland posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 8:52am

I like the chapter. Kreacher rehabilitated and working for Harry & Ginny and Harry now working for the Auror Division and Kingsley. A really very normal life for Harry although he will always be way above and beyond any normality that might be cited. But we all know that normal is just the median average of every one or thing tested. It would be nice if Harry were to begin to understand this.

Patches posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 5:52am

Wow! That was good getting a review of Hermione's trip to retrieve her parents. Poor Ron. At least he is learning how to react to Hermione without making her angry. That is a big improvement. Harry is moving right along in his job as an Auror. It sounds like he is doing pretty well. Thanks to Hermione they also have a lead on what Crackshot is doing and how he is doing it. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

Kokopelli posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 1:57am

So, how did Mildred's bagged ham croissant become a turkey croissant?

Is this the key to the whole story, the shooter on the grassy knoll, or just a burp in the word processor?

Mr.Intel replied:

It was only there to lure you out and entice you to add to my reply count, of course.   It's what happens when you write between weekends.   Too much fun dulls the brain.

Patches posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 5:58am

This is quite a change from all the stuff that has been going on. Of course Harry had to pass a "test" before he could start work as an Auror. It stands to reason that he would have a higher score than even Kingsley. A broken ankle wasn't good but he managed to get through even with that. His desire to "be normal" just isn't going to happen though. I'm glad Ginny is giving him a new challenge that he just might want to do. It was great of Ron and Hermione to fix us Grimmald place for them. That was a big help. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. pms

UlrichScheper posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 1:40am

The plot around Harrays and Ginnys home and where that will be makes me curious.

Going back to Godrics Hollow would close a circle for Harry. It will be interestenig to see what obstacles they will encounter.

Another good chapter, i ´m looking forward to the next one.

The Wanderer posted a comment on Friday 26th September 2008 9:22pm

Not bad. A couple of points, though:

First, I don't see where it is mentioned that the obstacle course is called the Grinder. The first place that term appears in the chapter, aside from the title, is when Harry is wondering if being an Auror will be worth going through it. Did a comment get dropped somewhere during the editing process?

Second, on the renaming of the house - to the best of my knowledge the house doesn't actually have an existing name. It is referred to in the books as "number twelve, Grimmauld Place", much as the Dursleys' residence is referred to as "number four, Privet Drive"; Grimmauld Place is the name of the street where the house is, not of the house itself. People just use the street name as shorthand, because it's the only address on that street the people they're talking to are going to be interested in.

That doesn't mean you have to drop or drastically alter the naming conversation, though; all it would need is a lead-in to the effect of "we've always called it Grimmauld Place because of the address, but that doesn't really fit the new decor; we should give it a proper name", and it would work just fine.

jilumasam posted a comment on Friday 26th September 2008 10:41am

Very Very nice chapter...

I'm very impressed with "The Grinder"!!!!

Flower248 posted a comment on Friday 26th September 2008 10:15am

This is an interesting story, I'm looking forward to an update.

jilumasam posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 2:19pm

Pretty neat little chapter.

I guess that means now the mess with the elder wand is cleared up for the time being, now it is time to deal with the ministry??

Looking forward to the next chapter

brad posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 12:15pm

> He Summoned the Invisibility Cloak. It tried to leave Ginny, but didn’t quite make it.

Is this Harry's cloak? If so, this is an error, since Rowling promoted the cloak to be an uber!Hallows!cloak in DH and made it untouchable by a summoning spell (when the Trio apparate to Hogsmeade one of the DEs does an 'accio cloak' but, surprisingly to Harry, it doesn't work).

Interesting twist with the plan within a plan, although I've lost track of where Gordman came from in previous chapters; presumably he wasn't well-known to Malfoy, since the plan was only devised a short while ago.

The strategy to get rid of the burden of the Elder Wand was a good one I thought. Harry still has the wand I assume? But he'll never risk anyone seeing it ever again?

Mr.Intel replied:

Yeah... the cloak doesn't actually leave Ginny, but I tried to unpromote it a little by having it move a tiny bit.

Gordman is a nobody that's supposed to be a dead-end for the Elder Wand.   Now that I think about it, his character is more important that the time I gave him in the story.   His character and Ron's Polyjuiced character got merged somewhere in there and all the loose ends never got unravelled.   Oh well.. It's fanfcition.

Harry does have the wand and in chapter 11, we'll find out that it was promptly placed in his vault in Gringotts.   Though.... Gringotts doesn't have the best record regarding break-ins.   Hmm.

warpwizard posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 10:03pm

Good stuff. I think the Elder Wand plot line is well resolved. A nice dramatic battle scene to convince the public that Harry lost it in a big for me.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 8:51am

Hi Mr Intel. You are indeed a vonderfully talented author, but then again, that is why you are published on this site. This general site is my favorite and I do believe that is is the best site on the web and, of course, you are one of the best authors. This chapter is especially good and as for the elder wand well ii is best hidden in plain sight so to speak where Harry can control it so that it does no more damage until it is needed the next time it is needed. As for Mr. Malfoy, let the dead bury the dead. It is well done. Carol

kate19 posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 6:53am

nice chappie. don't really know what else to tell. but i think you did do the elder wand thing quite well. hope to see more soon!!