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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 9th September 2008 7:15am for The Haileybury Hammers

Good chapter, glad they got to have some fun.


brad posted a comment on Monday 8th September 2008 12:12pm for The Haileybury Hammers

> He explained how the wand is loyal to a wizard until that person is beaten in battle, or otherwise has it forcefully taken from him.

But Grindlewald *stole* the wand from Gregorovitch. It was a simple theft. Laughing at the wand maker as he slipped out the window with the wand.

Therefore Grindlewald never became master of the Elder Wand; Gregorovitch remained its owner. Did Voldemort murder Gregorovitch in Deathly Hallows? If so, then Voldemort became the master of the wand. But Grindlewald - and hence Dumbledore, Malfoy and Harry - never did.

Having a magical library, and magical search engines, is cool, but why didn't we see the latter in use at Hogwarts?

I wasn't expecting Broadmoor to recognise Harry, that came in from the blue; I thought everything was plain sailing, the way the chapter had been progressing. Looking forward to seeing if he was truly obliviated or not. Can it be - gasp! - that Hermione made a mistake in her obliviation?!?!?

Mr.Intel replied:

I'd count stealing in with "forcefully taken".   The point, I think, is that the wand knows intent and if the current "owner" intends to keep it when it is taken from him/her, then the wand changes allegiance.   Traitorous little slip of wood.

Hermione's memory charms aren't perfect, but the reason that Broadmoor recognized him is because he's Harry Potter.   Everything sort of fell into place after that.   Broadmoor didn't know why it was important, just that he knew someone in his chain of evil command needed to find him.   We find out who that is in chapter nine.

Anthony May posted a comment on Friday 5th September 2008 7:01am for The Haileybury Hammers

Good Stuff - Keep it coming!

Patches posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd September 2008 3:49am for The Haileybury Hammers

Things get more and more complicated. It is too bad that Harry was recognized at the Quidditch game. Now he has something else to worry about. I'm glad Harry and Ginny got to see the gardens and had such a personal tour. That was great. It is sad that they found out sad things about their ancestors. I look forward to more of this story. Thank you for writing. pms

Carol Layland posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd September 2008 8:18am for The Haileybury Hammers

Hi Mr. Intel, The chapter is as well written as I have come to expect from you and I enjoyed it immensely. The elder wand is in the hands of the man who should have and keep it in trust, quite possibly in a vault in Gringotts or perhaps in their custody in one of their executive vaults where no person except for Harry can ever get his hands on it. Well, a very well done chapter anyway.