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jilumasam posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 2:19pm for Deceptions

Pretty neat little chapter.

I guess that means now the mess with the elder wand is cleared up for the time being, now it is time to deal with the ministry??

Looking forward to the next chapter

brad posted a comment on Wednesday 17th September 2008 12:15pm for Deceptions

> He Summoned the Invisibility Cloak. It tried to leave Ginny, but didn’t quite make it.

Is this Harry's cloak? If so, this is an error, since Rowling promoted the cloak to be an uber!Hallows!cloak in DH and made it untouchable by a summoning spell (when the Trio apparate to Hogsmeade one of the DEs does an 'accio cloak' but, surprisingly to Harry, it doesn't work).

Interesting twist with the plan within a plan, although I've lost track of where Gordman came from in previous chapters; presumably he wasn't well-known to Malfoy, since the plan was only devised a short while ago.

The strategy to get rid of the burden of the Elder Wand was a good one I thought. Harry still has the wand I assume? But he'll never risk anyone seeing it ever again?

Mr.Intel replied:

Yeah... the cloak doesn't actually leave Ginny, but I tried to unpromote it a little by having it move a tiny bit.

Gordman is a nobody that's supposed to be a dead-end for the Elder Wand.   Now that I think about it, his character is more important that the time I gave him in the story.   His character and Ron's Polyjuiced character got merged somewhere in there and all the loose ends never got unravelled.   Oh well.. It's fanfcition.

Harry does have the wand and in chapter 11, we'll find out that it was promptly placed in his vault in Gringotts.   Though.... Gringotts doesn't have the best record regarding break-ins.   Hmm.

warpwizard posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 10:03pm for Deceptions

Good stuff. I think the Elder Wand plot line is well resolved. A nice dramatic battle scene to convince the public that Harry lost it in a big for me.

Carol Layland posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 8:51am for Deceptions

Hi Mr Intel. You are indeed a vonderfully talented author, but then again, that is why you are published on this site. This general site is my favorite and I do believe that is is the best site on the web and, of course, you are one of the best authors. This chapter is especially good and as for the elder wand well ii is best hidden in plain sight so to speak where Harry can control it so that it does no more damage until it is needed the next time it is needed. As for Mr. Malfoy, let the dead bury the dead. It is well done. Carol

kate19 posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 6:53am for Deceptions

nice chappie. don't really know what else to tell. but i think you did do the elder wand thing quite well. hope to see more soon!!

Patches posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 6:46am for Deceptions

This was very well done. I was surprised it was Malfoy all along but it makes sense. The battle was very good. Good imagination on how Harry got them all out of there. Of course the bad guys would make it harder on themselves. It cost 2 of them their lives. Thanks for writing and I look forward to more of this story. pms

Anthony May posted a comment on Monday 15th September 2008 4:50am for Deceptions

Awesome suspense! Great Thriller! Can't wait for more!