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TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 9th September 2008 4:24am for All Is White

Very good chapter. time someone put the MoM in his place. He is an idiot.


brad posted a comment on Tuesday 26th August 2008 7:23pm for All Is White

> Everything was changing, and it was happening a lot faster than she’d anticipated.

She's not kidding!

> "Do you think that maybe you and Ginny... might be going a little fast?"

Good question! I'm actually with Ron on this one!

Well ... until he joined in on the whole marriage race thing.

Including Dudley was a nice touch. I've read quite a few fans saying that his 'redemption' in DH, his coming to terms with his cousin, was one of the few things that Rowling did right, and that they would have liked to have seen more of Dudley.

Mr.Intel replied:

I would think that the marriage race is fairly realistic.   If you think about it, the end of World War Two led to the "Baby Boom" that's wreaking havoc on the US Social Security System right now.   I think a lot of people involved in the war would be ready to grasp any and every chance of happiness that they could.   It doesn't get more involved than Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron.

As for Dudley, I too was pleased with his change in DH.   He doesn't play a major role in the story, but adds emotion to their wedding.

Jimbocous posted a comment on Sunday 24th August 2008 12:49pm for All Is White

Well, things are certainly heating up here. Nice one so far, looking forward to the next update! thanks!

RhiannonMei posted a comment on Saturday 23rd August 2008 11:03pm for All Is White

I really like this story so far! It seems pretty realistic as to what would happen after DH. I wish that Ginny's dress had been described in this chapter, though, and it really surprised me when Dudley showed up. That part was something that I couldn't quite believe.

But.. anyway... this is a great story, and I can't wait to read more! Thank you :).

Anthony May posted a comment on Friday 22nd August 2008 4:46am for All Is White

Awesome!!!!! I love this story. Yeah!!!! Ron & Hermione are engaged! Great Cliffie - can't wait for the next update!

topcatloveee007 posted a comment on Thursday 21st August 2008 1:33pm for All Is White

must yet another wedding be interupted... stupid ministry git. anyways, back to the review. thank you, thank you, thank you, for having ron and hermione engaged. while i would have liked to see how it happened[possible missing moment??? can't a girl hope :) ] i understand how we're in a Harry/Ginny fic. that being said, i want to read about the honeymoon soooooooooooooooo bad. Pretty please won't you update soon and please , don't leave any details out ;) waiting (as patiently as possible) for your next fantastic chapter

n4zhg posted a comment on Thursday 21st August 2008 2:15am for All Is White

Oh, boy! The fit is going to hit the shan. I wonder how cooperative the Canadian authorities are going to be?

izoomzoom posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 10:40pm for All Is White

Nice chapter - keep on going. I especially liked the vows scene - kind of reminded me of my wedding... Hope all is well.

riegert8 posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 2:20pm for All Is White

interesting chapter

Sonicdale posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 1:46pm for All Is White

A cliffie.
Liked the bonded for eternity. ;) Wonder where you heard that?

The bit at the beginning was a little slow, but picked up. You are a guy, so this was purely written from a guy's perspective. I've read fanfic that took 23 pages just to describe the wedding gown, the decor, the colors of the flowers, the tiara in her hair, the cut of the cloth, etc. ad nauseum. So I liked the details you had and that you didn't overwhlem us with what was there. Kudos for that.

No stag party/bachelor party?

In all, good work. The toasts were nice, and the ribbing from his mates was cool.
Good work.

UlrichScheper posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 5:53am for All Is White

Woha! What a cliffhanger at the end. I hope that Minister gets the bill for that. Hehe, I ´m sure he will...

Carol Layland posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 3:16am for All Is White

I definitely like this chapter. It shows all the doubts and questions that all brides and grooms have just before their wedding and just how they seem to feel, a little lost, a bit ambivalent and yet with a determination that all will turn out well. I wait eagerly for the next posting. Please make it quick. Carol

BJH posted a comment on Wednesday 20th August 2008 1:31am for All Is White

Quite a sweet wedding, the mirrors were an interesting symbolic touch. Too bad Crackpot, err Crackshot, had to spoil the reception, at least you held him off till later so as not to spoil the whole party.

I do have three things that struck my imagination. In reverse order of appearance:

1. If Dawlish is no longer an Auror but a personal body guard of the Minister then how could he possibly arrest Harry? Crackpot, sorry there goes that slip again, Crackshot seems to be stretching quite a few laws, eh?

2. I wonder what Xeno wanted to talk to Harry about? Was it just an apology, or perhaps some information about the Hallows that will be vital later?

3. Finally, that pleasant image of the fat bumblebee flying in and landing on a balloon to watch the ceremony... Bumblebee??? Nah, it couldn't be. But is it someone we know or someone we will be meeting later? Or was it just a pleasant little image?


Mr.Intel replied:

Crackshot is like Fudge in that he feels he has the right to stretch whichever laws need stretching to get what he wants.   We only have a glimmer of what he wants so far.

Xenophilius wants to complete his quest for the Deathly Hallows, as hinted in DH.   Fortunately for Harry, he has no sinister motives.

The Bumblebee was just a pleasant image, reminding us and Harry of Dumbledore, who would be very pleased to see Harry and Ginny getting married.