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Vukk posted a comment on Monday 3rd December 2007 7:45pm

You finished seems like you forgot a chapter.

Stormfall posted a comment on Thursday 2nd August 2007 4:43pm

I didn't like this story too much actually. I'm more with the manipulatingoldbastard!Dumbledore
group. However, it was rather well written and had a unique/strange(take your pick :P), to me, plot.

HWLLHP posted a comment on Tuesday 31st July 2007 3:00pm


Although my first impulse was to say: Give him to Petunia!

Inziladun posted a comment on Wednesday 27th June 2007 4:10am

Its great, now, I'm not saying anything about the fact that ginny has had a 700 years old sucking from his breast, nor about how weird it would be to have a 1 years old son that knows more than you do... But its very funny.

Taegeous posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 11:27am

Sorry, but I can't say I liked it. I think all stories that attempt to redeem Snape should come with a warning label, like cigarettes or alcohol. As for canon, most likely I will be severely disappointed when HP&TDH comes out in July.

Mr.Intel replied:

At least you gave it a fair shake.   That's all I ask.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Thursday 17th May 2007 1:03am

A very interesting premise! I enjoyed this tremendously. Thanks for sharing ~

Wolfric posted a comment on Wednesday 16th May 2007 7:35am

Well that was fun. The question of the moment is when was the original born? Albus's memoirs from all of his incarnations would be an interesting story. Thanks for writing. W.

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Wednesday 9th May 2007 12:46pm

Oh, this is FUN!

Christopher Patton posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2007 1:07am

While the story is well written, I can't help but see this as more manipulation of Harry by APWBD. It seems that this is one thing in Harry's life that is never going to change.

I think that for that reason in addition to Snape getting away with murder, torture, rape, abuse, etc that I find this story distasteful and unpleasant.

Chris Patton

Mr.Intel replied:

I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the premise of the story.   Sadly, not everything that pops into my head gets written, and not everything that gets written is popular with everyone.

Thanks for reviewing despite all that.  

Quizer posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 7:09pm

I desperately hope that canon doesn't turn out this way. It makes for an interesting plot bunny, and it even explains Dumbledore's death in book 6 adequately, but it is pretty screwed up if you think about it. Even past the grave Dumbledore always remains the meddler. I find this instance especially hard to forgive because he interferes in Harry's private life, his love live, his family life. If I was Harry in this story, I'd resent him something fierce for that.


Mr.Intel replied:

I'm not one of those that believes in manipulative!Dumbledore, but if I was, I'd definitely not be writing one that cast him in a good light.

Hot48cricket posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 10:53am

I loved it!

Are we going to get more? and find out about Albie's previous lives?

Mr.Intel replied:

Probably not, though that idea has merit!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 1:52am

*chuckle* Now that was a delightful and such an interesting "surprise" for Harry & Ginny. It would be interesting to see who he'd been before he was Albus Dumbledore and what he'd done in those lives.

theteapot posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 5:56am

Albie mustered up his most convincing pout. "Library?"

Brilliant! That made me laugh so much!
Snape could have done a little more explaining, and that would have put him on the "good" side, but then again, everyone loves to hate Snape.

Mr.Intel replied:

Snape is quite hateable, and I'm proud to be a member of that prestigious group.   :)

InkandPaper posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 5:09am

Interesting idea! It made me laugh to see the reason behind Albus' many names. And I liked the beginning especially; the descriptions are brilliantly intense, yet subtle. Good work.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 1:58am

Hmmm... This is well written, but I find the idea behind it kind of creepy.

I loved "A Fairy Tale Ending" by BJH which had a some what similar plot with Harry being raised by Ron & Hermione. But Harry truly was a child.

Parallels to infant!Voldemort in GoF come to mind, too.

Still, it is well written and parts (Harry & Ginny's interactions, especially at the tomb) are very good. Thanks for it with us.

Mr.Intel replied:

I honestly hadn't thought of BJ's story when I began writing this last week.   His stories are always well done and that one was no exception.

Creepy is certainly the word I'd use to describe a baby/child that is most definitely not innocent, but the idea that his knowledge must transfer from one 'life' to another is essential to my explanation of why he is so powerful/knowledgeable.   To decrease the creep factor, know that Ginny did not breast feed Albie directly, only used her milk to feed him (with a bottle).   Also, as he continues to grow, he will be treated in almost all ways as a child.   Legally, he won't be able to do magic outside of Hogwarts, he won't inherit his old estate, etc...

I better stop now before I get too many ideas for a sequel!

Crys posted a comment on Tuesday 1st May 2007 12:56am

You mention other stories of Dumbledore being reborn, but this is the first one I've seen. Well portrayed.

Yeah, AD's character is divisive. Personally, I can't decide between the two. I suspect that JKR will eventually show him to be misguided but well-intentioned.

Though a fully-trained adult mind in the one-year-old body will make raising him an interesting adventure.

Entertaining one-shot, Mr. Intel.

Mr.Intel replied:

I don't know if there are other stories that portray Dumblie being reborn, I do know there has been significant speculation about it.   The symbology at his funeral in "The white tomb" was too perfect not to lead some of us in that direction.

As to raising a baby Dumbledore... that indeed would be an adventure.   I can't think of anyone better equipped for it than a mum who doesn't take crap from anyone and the boy who was once his own pupil.   That would be a fun story.   :D

knightsbridge posted a comment on Monday 30th April 2007 11:46pm

I totally agree with Aaron St vines. I wasn't a fan of HBP eith, and I have the feeling I'm not going to be a fan of #7.
Dumbledore was a manipulative old coot (now a baby coot, still carrying secrets. To me, the most ghastly part of HBP was Dumbledore forcing Harry, in his own way, to feed him what we can only assume was poison.

Mr.Intel replied:

It's interesting to see how divisive the issue of Dumbledore's character has been in the fandom.   Some, like you, see a manipulative bastard.   Others, like me, see a misguided, but well-intentioned old man that is investing the last of his life in Harry.   The poison bit, as horrible as it was to read, didn't come across as ghastly, but necessary (at the time).   The truly tragic part was that it ended up being all for nothing in the end and the final twist was that Dumbledore's death came regardless of the status of the potion.    

knightsbridge posted a comment on Monday 30th April 2007 11:36pm

Interesting, and in the HP world not illogical.
I know this is a one shot, but it would have been nice to know what Albie and Hermione were talking about.


Mr.Intel replied:

They were talking about how this is the last time that Albus will live with the Phoenix Spell and how this was the time that he would have to pass along the rest of his knowledge to the wizarding world.   One of the ways that he will do this is by teaching Harry how to perform the spell by locating a Phoenix that is willing to sacrifice itself to Harry.   Finally, they were talking about the regret that Albus had throughout his other lives about hiding his true identity.   This time, it will be different.

caitlinrennes posted a comment on Monday 30th April 2007 8:34pm

odd, but good!

atlantis-rob posted a comment on Monday 30th April 2007 8:30pm

Interesting idea for sure and one of the more original ones, so cheers on that. The dialogue was very well done and the plot pieces were good also. too bad harry didn't get to roast snape over an open fire...but hey. Cheers!