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jakjakattk posted a comment on Saturday 25th October 2008 8:29am for Ginny

Harry should have bought two diaries, one for the one he intended to relieve Ginny of an one for himself. that story so fare is as you intended it to be, changing past deeds and clearing the air of all of the dark events that destroyed Harry life. Maybe this will allow a bit of peace for Harry and Ginny in these earlier years of their lives.
Keep writing, I will be reading and Reviewing

dougal74 posted a comment on Thursday 23rd October 2008 7:15am for Ginny

Good chapter.

noylj posted a comment on Saturday 18th October 2008 12:48pm for Ginny

So, Ginny the 11-year-old girl has a 22-year-old man in love with her? Nothing strange there...What is strange is that you must be writing a good!Bumbles, because I sure wouldn't tell canon!Bumbles any of this. The PuppetMaster would go crazy with this knowledge...

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Saturday 18th October 2008 10:39am for Ginny

Very good chapter. I like the way you are doing this story.


dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 14th October 2008 5:06am for Ginny

Well, he's guaranteed he'll never have to deal with canon Ginny again. Whoever this girl grows up into will be nothing like who he remembers as he's just removed a huge influence on her development.

Mr.Intel replied:

Ginny in this story will be different than in canon, but not by a huge margin.   Even with the Chamber experience nit haunting her past, she will still be Ginny.   The trick to changing canon characters in a re-do is knowing how much you can get away with changing before it stops making sense.

Edengrave posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 1:58pm for Ginny

Nice beginning.

I like Redo stories myself, in any fandom. as long as they don't try to stay close to canon.

I usually prefer Harry to hold cards closely to his chest and confide in no-one. And contrarily to your impressions, Most of the times, Harry does tell someone. (I would say 90% of the time) the only variant being how long he can keep it to himself. In fact, I have yet to see a redo story where he keep it secret from beginning to end.

I abandoned a few stories because I was irritated at his eagerness to reveal all. either through an inexplicable sense of culpability, or an embarrassing ineptitude with subterfuges. I am curious to see how you will handle it. as it seem to be a conscious well thought of decision on his part this time. and given that there will be no bashing, I expect good and well developed rationales, and an interesting read if nothing else.

Rocky235 posted a comment on Monday 13th October 2008 3:44am for Ginny

I'm a fan of time travel Harry. I'm also a fan of Ginny-Harry. You can probably see where I'm going with this.


Of course, the lack of typos, the natural dialog, and the good grammar make it all sweeter.

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Friday 3rd October 2008 4:08am for Ginny

Not a word about Ginny's sorting?

Mr.Intel replied:

I guess that would have been important, eh?   Thanks.

GinnyLover posted a comment on Thursday 2nd October 2008 1:48am for Ginny

Wow!! Really nice!

Cant wait for more!

Amamama posted a comment on Monday 29th September 2008 6:52am for Ginny

Very promising, and I'm sure neither Harry nor you have opened a bigger can of worms than you're able to handle. I'm looking forward to the next parts, and I must admit that I like that Harry is so open about being ten years older than he is - and that there'll be no Dumbledore bashing. And him and Ginny - they're just sweet. I imagine it must be hard to hold back, but I also imagine that his 22 year old self doesn't find an 11-year old as attractive as the more mature Ginny he originally wed. Lots of possibilities here for awkward situations - and for righting some wrongs. Hope he gets Sirius out OK...

jmerlin61 posted a comment on Monday 29th September 2008 6:11am for Ginny

Well this is my first review in 4 years of reading fanfiction. I must commend you on a truly believable and unique approach to the "re-do" plot line. Harry's explaination to Dumbledore showed that he unintentionally returned and is willing to work with Dumbledor.
It will be interesting to see how they both work on the changes to the timeline and which changes will be allowed by Dumbledor. I can only foresee a problem with Sirius Black's early release due to the protection at 4 Privet drive. Cudo's to your story and I look forward to the next chapter.

Mr.Intel replied:

I'm honored to be the recipient of your first review in so long.   We'll just have to see what happens with the Sirius-Dursley's-Dumbledore triangle.   ;)

Lynn Terald posted a comment on Monday 29th September 2008 2:18am for Ginny

Very creative. I'm very impressed with the pace that you chose to set with this story. You don't linger over the old details but you don't rush through them either and the way you weave your own story into it is amazing. I'm definetly going to keep a look out for this story in the future.

Asad posted a comment on Sunday 28th September 2008 7:37am for Ginny

Interesting start...

I am curious to see what direction you take this story to...

yentila22 posted a comment on Sunday 28th September 2008 6:17am for Ginny

I love all your work and I can't wait to see where you take this story.

Tiffls posted a comment on Sunday 28th September 2008 3:01am for Ginny

This is a great start. I can't wait to read more.

Thanks for writing!

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 9:28pm for Ginny

""It all started five years from now," he began, deliberately mixing his verb tenses. "Lord Voldemort had returned and it was the final battle at Hogwarts. Or... it should have been the final battle, but something went wrong and it set me on a course that landed me here." Harry stopped, not wanting to go into the whole discussion about Horcruxes in front of Ginny. He also needed to give Dumbledore some bonafides after he dropped this very large bombshell on him.

Ginny was holding her breath and was squeezing Harry’s hand to the point of pain. "Ten years from now, I caused an explosion with my magical core that wiped out the Death Eaters and Voldemort, and... my own body. It happened in the ruins of The Burrow, at the topmost room, exactly over the spot I used to spend the night on a camp bed."

There's something strange about these paragraphs. By the dates, I assume you are talking about two separate conflicts, however while you introduce the first one (the 'final' battle at Hogwarts) the confrontation at the Burrow is not properly introduced and the reader is forced to try to guess your meaning. I would appreciate seeing this cleared up - it's a really promising story, I love redo fics and I really enjoy reading your work and so I look forward to reading the next installment (however please do not neglect 'Master of Life'). Thanks for yet another billiant fic!

Mr.Intel replied:

I promise not to neglect Master of Life.   As to the confusion you pointed out, I have not provided my beta with an opportunity to revise any of this story, so when she has time, I'll be sure to get this bit cleared up.   Thanks!

Lottii posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 9:09pm for Ginny

Hi I like how its going so far and would definitely like to read more..... Cheers


LeprechaunJV posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 4:09pm for Ginny

Ah good start, look forward to updates.....

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 2:58pm for Ginny

I'd say it's off to a brilliant start! I can't wait to read more!

fryman posted a comment on Saturday 27th September 2008 2:26pm for Ginny

It's an interesting premise, and has a good bit of potential for a new spin on a theme. However, you've over-sold Viridian's originality -- he was far from the first to start the "re-do" fic series. MaxFic, for example, wrote a lengthy and complete re-do fic long before Viridian came around, and it was completed nearly a year before the first chapter of NoFP was posted anywhere in any form. I believe there were shorter, though less worthwhile, efforts even before MaxFic's work. That said, I'd agree Viridian's writing quality and attention to detail defined "the bar" for many knock-offs to emulate (or attempt to).

Mr.Intel replied:

Yes.   I've been educated on the history of the re-do and what I should have said was that NoFP began the sub-genre's popularity.   Ah well, even though I cheated by starting in second year, perhaps we can race to the finish?   ;-)